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Holly Volpe

Holly Volpe

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Holly Volpe is a designer and certified staging consultant serving Monmouth County, New Jersey and surrounding areas. As the owner of tri Space interiors, which specializes in interior design, re-design, space planning and home staging, Holly stays on the forefront of the latest design trends by continuously educating herself and staff. Holly works with a range of clients who need help with anything as small as a color consultation, assisting them with a major move to designing their entire space.

Prior to owning and working as a designer for tri Space interiors, Holly earned a degree in both Interior Design and Marketing. She previously owned a gift basket business and held several project management positions, where she gained extensive experience with operations and business management as well as honed her organizational skills.

Her extensive background makes working with tri Space interiors a smooth process and she understands the importance of continuously communicating with the customer. Every project is approached in the same professional manner.

Color and pattern combinations are what I do best. I enjoy walking into a room with an open mind about what it should look like. Through a mix of color, texture and style, each room gains its own balance. My passion at tri Space interiors is to bring my life experiences in design, marketing and project management to your home. I will create a personal oasis that is reflective of your personality, hobbies, travels and accomplishments. I do this with an intuitive eye and incredible attention to detail.

Holly Volpe
Owner, tri Space interiors


Design Team

  • Donna Burns, Office Manager

    Donna Burns
    Office Manager

  • Brittany Bevilaqua, Design Assistant

    Brittany Bevilacqua
    Design Assistant

  • Paige Lennon, Design Assistant

    Paige Lennon
    Design Assistant

  • Jesse Cermak, Design Assistant

    Jesse Cermak
    Design Assistant

  • Stephanie Marsh, Special Projects

    Stephanie Marsh
    Special Projects

  • Trisha White, Tri Space Interiors

    Trisha White
    Showroom Designer