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Part art and part science, Interior Design goes far beyond decorating. We, the designers, have a profound impact on people's lives by creating the surroundings in which they live, work and play. Designers strive to translate people's wants and needs into a design that not only satisfies them, but also reflects who they are.

Combining knowledge, analysis and research with aesthetic vision, creativity and discipline, Tri Space interiors works closely with their clients to develop design solutions that are functional, practical and beautiful.

Through an in-home or commercial “Free” consultation, we walk you through the interior design principles and elements to help you better understand the process of transforming your space. Often times the client is unsure exactly where or what they are looking for and this allows us to point them in the right direction.

Or, they have a few things they would like to do in different rooms and want an “Al La Cart” approach that can be done in phases. So, if one of the packages doesn’t quite match with what your needs are we will come up with one just for you!

The Interior Design Process

We offer three initial packages to accommodate clients who aren’t sure were to begin to clients who are comfortable with executing a design plan and want a little guidance to clients who need a complete room or entire space designed.


This package includes design recommendations, redesign tips and suggestions for your space. It is designed for clients who may not be interested in a long-term commitment, but need the help of an experienced professional to solve specific dilemmas or problems.

Designer for a ½ Day

This package is designed for clients who need help with specific aspects of an existing project of their own, like:

  • Choosing paint
  • Selecting Fabric
  • Working out a floor plan (where to place furniture)
  • Window treatment suggestions
  • Another opinion about how to refresh or update a room
  • Guidance through a buying decision (appliances, fixtures, tile, etc.)
  • Resolving a design emergency (if you’re in the middle of a project and don’t know what to do next)

Full Design Service

This package Includes, but is not limited to, concept and schematic design, design development, project management, purchasing and installation. This option is estimated by square footage of each room and amount of hours are calculated to complete it.

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Designer shares the Concept behind this amazing transformation!

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