Room Space Planning

The Process

Room space planning can help you live a more organized life. As professionals, tri Space interiors can help you plan your rooms to better utilize the existing space. To accomplish this, a complete review of the space is measured and analyzed. When a space is analyzed, we take into account several aspects such as:

  • Configuration and geometry
  • Location of the space in the property
  • Type of space, such as dining room or family room
  • Quantity of windows
  • Any architectural elements that may be present

After the initial analysis, a computerized floor plan is created using the dimensions of the space and furnishings. Showing the client a visual layout of the space makes the decision process to choose new furniture or place existing items in a room much easier. Floors plans are a critical early step in the space planning process because it's easier to change a floor plan on the computer than to live with a room that doesn't look the way you hoped it would.

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Space Planning

Benefits of Room
Space Planning

There are many benefits to having a professional plan your space. Some include:

  • Seeing if your existing furniture will fit in your new home
  • New furniture can be purchased/ordered prior to moving into new home 
  • Changes to the space can be made to accommodate a desired floor plan
  • Visualization of how the new home will look with existing furniture and accessories

Your Home

If you are a senior on the move, or just looking to downsize from your existing property, tri Space interiors can assist you with the process. Moving your belongings into a smaller space can be a daunting task, but we can help with packing, sorting, cleaning arrangements and deciding which belongings to keep and which to discard. At tri Space interiors, we are also experts in planning your new, smaller property's rooms. Like our regular room space planning process, we will help you fit your existing furniture and belongings into the smaller space through an analysis and computerized floor plan..