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What is Home Staging?

Home staging is the art of professionally preparing your listing or house for sale. Staging highlights property's best features and helps the buyer visualize themselves and their furnishings in the home.

Staging sets scenes throughout the house to create immediate buyer interest, helping you get top dollar for your house and sell it quickly.


There are many benefits to staging your home with a professional.

  • Shows your property in the best visual presentation possible
  • Helps secure the best price possible
  • Focuses on selling features of each room
  • Highlights the focal point in each room
  • Advertises better in photos & marketing materials
  • Staging professionals make unbiased recommendations
  • Staging professionals have the best interest of the seller in mind
  • Creating correct traffic flow patterns
  • Building areas of interest without distracting the eye
  • Tying room color and styles together in a cohesive way
  • Using proper scale and proportion in furniture & accessories

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Staging 3-Step Process


What needs to be done

First we assess the property room by room with a "Buyer's Eye." We examine the inside and outside of the property, brainstorming affordable transformations. To help with the process, our comprehensive 50-page tri Space interiors handbook is used to detail any areas that we feel require repair, replacement, updating or packing up. Once our tour of the property is complete, we will sit down with the client and briefly go through our initial recommendations. Estimated Time: 2 hours

Within 48 hours, a comprehensive written report is provided, breaking down recommendations on a room by room basis. Also included with the report are helpful tips and fact sheets to help further assist you in preparing your home for sale. Estimated Cost: $300.00


Preparing for staging

Using the comprehensive "room by room" report provided during the consultation, the client completes all necessary recommendations.

These recommendations can include cleaning suggestions for everything from appliances to windows, repairing or replacing what's less than perfect, depersonalization tips, de-cluttering help, packing processes to move and suggested vendor contacts to use for services such as painting and carpet cleaning.


Grand finale

Once the homework step has been completed, tri Space interiors will return to complete the showcasing prior to the open house. This final crucial step includes bringing in additional accessories if they are needed, rearranging furniture pieces or adding furniture to finalize the staging. Upon completion, tri Space interiors notifies the realtor that the house is "picture perfect" and ready for posting the listing.

The outcome is amazing and you will be shocked that it's the same house! In addition, we will coordinate your open house as well as be present to show off the best selling features.

"Complete all 3 parts to a Staging Project and become the Stand out house on the market"